Watermelon Park Fest!

River and Roots Fest 2015, June 26-27 Will be held at Watermelon Park Campground in Berryville Va. Get Tickets for River&Roots Fest. Get Tickets for our other event in the fall Watermelon Park Fest. Follow our Monthly Newsletter.

Featuring The David Grisman Sextet

Featuring The David Grisman Sextet

The David Grisman Sextet His nickname "Dawg" was affectionately assigned by his close friend Jerry Garcia in 1973 (the two met in 1964 at a Bill Monroe show at Sunset Park in West Grove, Pennsylvania). "Dawg Music" is what he calls his mixture of bluegrass and Django Reinhardt/Stéphane Grappelli-influenced jazz, as highlighted on his album Hot Dawg . The Sextet includes Jim Kerwin (bass), Matt Eakle (flute and bass flute), George Marsh (drums and percussion), Chad Manning (violin, viola and mandolin) and George Cole (guitar). David's 50+ years of playing, composing, and producing attest to his indomitable creative spirit.

River and Roots Fest benefits the Shenandoah River

First annual River and Roots Fest was a huge success donating over $2500 to the Shenandoah River Keeper. We are all becoming aware that many of our everyday choices are unsustainable for the planet. That is why River and Roots Fest has begun as a Transformational Festival, changing lives and the world by offering sustainable practices, and community building into it's foundation. Everything from the local farmers market, local music, to all the River awareness programs were intended to connect us to our community and our enviroment, and the results were profound. We can't wait to do it again next year! Plus, Watermelon Park Campground and Shepherds Ford Productions were able to send Shenandoah Riverkeeper home with a donation over $2500. A special thanks to Josh Bearman, Shelly at NOAA , Gem at the Piedmont Enviromental Council Jon Lohman at Virginia Folklife and all the local Farmers Capon Crossing Farm Tree and Leaf Smith Meadows Georges mill Farm and Volunteers that made this Festival so special. See you next Year!

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